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London Paris Deals and Offers

£69 return to Paris & Brussels £69 Return to Paris from London
Find our lowest train fares using our availability calendar.
Eurostar to Disneyland® Paris Travel to Disneyland® Paris
Save up to 40% on your Disney® hotel and park tickets PLUS kids under 7 or 12* stay and play FREE

Up to 30% off Train + Hotel Up to 30% off Train + Hotel
The summer sale is on. Take a look at our selection of discounted train and hotels deals in Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp & Ghent.
London to Amsterdam from £89 return London to Amsterdam from £99 return
Reach Amsterdam with train; simply change at Brussels and travel on to Amsterdam with our partner, Thalys

London Paris Train

Traveling to Europe from London (UK) or any European Destination, there are many options that you may choose from and the options like Eurostar channel train, flights, ferries, bus or even a charter Jets would be your possible choices. The hottest name that you will probably like is 'Eurostar' and this is what we are talking about - London Paris Train.

London Paris Train is a high speed train between London and Paris, starting from St Pancras International Station in London (UK) and ending in Paris at Gare Du Nord International station in France connecting hundreds of other European stations. Across the world, everyone does not know that which train runs between two cities and they get confused with lots of European railway network systems. That is why this search term has become so important for everyone and potential customers / tourists find Trains. Trains from London to Paris Train stops at various other destinations and there are connecting trains to various other European cities / countries. When you search for deals, Cheap Tickets, Discounts, Group Travel discounts or Paris Train Tickets etc on various search engines, you will find many results and you must not get confused with the kind of results shown to you.

Apart from Trains to Paris, you have many other options to go to France or any other part of the Europe from UK / London. You have flights, ferries, bus etc but because of the little hassles in trains, most of the travelers would always prefer going by Eurostar trains only. Flights may be cheaper sometimes but when you look at the time taken to reach airport and airport to home, tax fares and other expenses, you end up paying lot of amount. If you are a family, your air cost will be very high. That is why people would buy Group Travel Booking deals and enjoy Short Breaks in Europe.

London Paris Train is a dream travel for every tourist - be it your business people, leisure people, general travellers - everyone likes to travel to Paris . Starting from St Pancras International, stopping at Ashford International, Eebsfleet International, Lille International Station, it is a direct service to Paris. London to Brussels is again a very important route for trains and whether you want to go to Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, or other parts of the northern Europe, train is the best way to reach the center of the Europe and from Brussels, you have hundreds of other train Connections. You can book return tickets from Paris to London ( train londres ) by SNCF and Eurostar other booking partners at Thetrainline.

Useful tips while on board with Eurostar or other Chunnel Trains and Ferries -

Seating Plan - It is compulsory to reserve all tickets in advance, hence, it is advised that you must know where you want to sit. Generally there are Business Premier, Leisure Select/Standard Premium, Standard, Wheelchair users and mobility users. The sitting plan can be seen Here. When you are booking your tickets through train, you will be asked / prompted to choose seats as per your requirements. Seats are reserved based on your requirement whether you want a seat for a couple, whether you are a group, whether you want a seat to work on your laptop as well.

Useful information for your Kids / Babies - There are no charges for kids below the age of 4 but from 4 to 11 years, you have to pay lesser amount than the normal one. There are specific requirements about kids traveling in train and under 4 years, the child must sit on the lap of the adult. Also, kids traveling less than 12 years must accompany an adult

Drinks and Foods available - There is plenty of food available on board while you are traveling. In the business premier and leisure select, one major meal and an alcoholic drink is served free of cost at your seat. More details about type of foods available in different classes are found on website as well. They are - Standard, Leisure Select and Business Premier.

How to handle luggage - Like your airplane, you can take up to two medium sized bags / items with max height 85cm + one hand bag. There are four kinds of luggage - Registered, Group, Lost Property and Esprit Europe. More details are available Here. St Pancras International Station has a baggage service run by Excess Baggage Company.

Policy on pets and dogs - There is a very strict policy on board for this and no pets or dogs are allowed except for guide dogs. There are many travelers who wish to carry their pets and they should know it in advance. The company looses lot of revenue because of this and such travelers would most probably choose ferry route to cross English Channel.

Useful tips for disabled people - Just like any other better transport system in Europe, it also takes special care to handle disabled people while traveling on board.  You need to check for the following -

Wheelchair people have special space available on board and they would find wheelchair friendly toilets as well.

There are special fares available for disabled people, hence, you must ensure that you check the same before booking your tickets. There are many people, who just do not avail this facility just because of lack of knowledge.

Travel With Bicycles - Bikes are allowed to be carried on board in two ways - you can either fold them in such a way in Bike bag so that it does not become bigger than a hand baggage suitcase and secondly, you can visit the Euro Despatch Center at St Pancras station and pay £20 to reserve your Bicycle space on train.  If you are taking it as a hand baggage, it should be unfolded with wheels removed, saddle removed and packed properly. You don't have to pay anything if you are carrying your Bike as a hand baggage.

Waiting time at St Pancras International Station - The waiting time at St Pancras varies as per class of ticket. It is important for everyone to know as to when they have to check in, which depends mainly on what ticket you have purchased. You should generally check in at least 30 minutes up to 90 minutes before your scheduled departure, unless you’ve been advised otherwise. There is 10 minutes check in time for carte blanche holders and business premier class, 30 minutes check in time for carte classique holders, leisure select travelers and standard travelers. Please remember, any traveler to Avignon (London Avignon Train) or Alps (Ski Train), you need 1 hour check in time.

Very useful numbers and information you may require any time - You may be traveling from UK to Europe and taking London Paris or London Brussels Train but you would require various numbers all the time during your journey.  Some of the most important numbers useful during your journey are given here -

PETS helpline: Tel +448702411710, 0830hrs-1700hrs, Monday to Friday, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Fax:+442079046206

Scooters and other Mobile vehicles related - Euro Despatch Center at St Pancras Station - Hotline +448705850850, Open seven days (0700hrs - 2200hrs (GMT).

London Paris Train Tickets

Deal of the Day

Travel Tips

Thetrainline - Book cheap train tickets to all UK destinations through the reliable travel booking partner thetrainline.com

Drink only mineral / bottled water. Carry an umbrella & a torch with you. Take some common medicines you use at your home. Carry a small dictionary of languages. Share your experience & upload your photos daily to keep memories fresh.
The trains in UK / Europe are on time always and you must reach your station well in advance. Carry overseas valid insurance policy. Keep a record of all your cards. An international SIM Card is a big saving.

Train Connections - in the UK:

Chiltern Railways: +448456005165 , c2c: +441702357640
First Capital Connect: +448000582844 , First Great Western:    +448001971329
Gatwick Express:    +448458501530
East Coast:    +448457225444, Midland Mainline:    +448457125678 , One Trains:    +448000282878
Southeastern Trains: +448007834524
SouthWest Express Trains:+448005282100, Southern Trains:+8001381016
Virgin Trains:+448457443366
Connections in Belgium
Landline: +3225282828
Connections in France
Accès Plus - Tel: +33890640650, Fax: +33825825957
Connections in Germany
Mobilitätsservice-Zentrale, Tel-+491805512512, Fax: +491805159357
Connections in the Netherlands
Service Centrale - Tel - +31302357822, Fax: +31302353935

Ski Train to Alps

Eurostar Ski TrainLet's ride in the skis of French Alps and experience a new snowy world.
Book  Direct Ski Trains to the French Alps from £149 return.

Ferries to Europe

Ferries to EuropeBook Ferries to France, Amsterdam, Calais and other European destinations. Another alternate and cheaper way to cross English channel while you travel to Europe from UK

Exploring is Beautiful

Exploring is BeautifulExplore Europe by Eurostar London Paris Train - Travel to Paris, Avignon, Marseille, Amsterdam, Cologne, Lyon, Brussels, Aix-en-Provence and enjoy your dream Eurostar destination.