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Ghent City Breaks by Eurostar

Ghent AttractionsGhent is a historic city located in Flanders Belgium. This unique city has over a quarter of a million inhabitants. The city is a cross between the cosmopolitan and provincial town. Ghent has a major university that boasts of over fifty thousand students. The grand mix of peoples of all ages has allowed this city to remain open-minded and have a truly artistic nature.

Ghent is divided into two separate distinct areas, the historic centre and the artistic quarter. The city is designed to help prevent people from getting lost. You would actually have to work hard to lose your way. Over 114 signposts located throughout the city help you to determine where you are and where to go. Arrows are displayed in various colours to help make getting around easier. If you do find a way to get lost, you will find some of the quaintest places to ask for some local advice.

Ghent has a great deal of history and during the Middle Ages, Ghent was one of the most powerful cities in Europe. The city is rich with examples of imposing architectural buildings including churches and trade houses. Ghent does a great job of combining its rich history with the modern world to create a place that not only the population enjoys but that its visitors will also enjoy.

Ghent has many historical sites that should not be ignored. Charles V forced this fine city into submission in 1540 because it was thought to be guilty of treason and rebellion. The city's primary symbol of its independence, Klokke Roelandt was removed and the city was downgraded. Shortly after this the citizens of this city earned the nickname of noose-wearers because so many leading citizens were forced to beg for forgiveness from the Emperor and his sister while wearing nooses around their necks.

Travel to Ghent by Eurostar

The historic city of Ghent is easily accessed with Eurostar London to Ghent Train. The journey through Eurostar London Ghent Train is most convenient and stress free. Eurostar train is the high-speed passenger train connecting people of London to Paris, Brussels, Lille and other top destinations of Europe. It is true about Eurostar train that journey is little bit expensive than low budgeted flights and cheap ferry operator but the high-speed of 186mph, excellent on-board facilities and its punctuality make it the best mode of transport in Europe. It becomes easy to visit Ghent by Eurostar with one price as Eurostar has tied up with several train operating companies in UK.

You need to simply take Eurostar London Brussels Train from London's St Pancras International Station to Brussels Midi / Zuid Train Station and then travel to Ghent by Eurostar partner NMBS or Thalys Hi Speed Train service.The journey time for Eurostar Train to Ghent from London is around 3hrs.

Eurostar Prices for Eurostar London Ghent Train

You can easily travel to other Belgium city like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Liege, Namur, or anywhere else in Belgium with £69 return fare to Brussels. Eurostar Tickets to Brussels are automatically valid to any station in Belgium.You simply need to hop on the reasonable connecting train service from Brussels to your destination in Belgium as long as you complete the journey within 24 hours of the Eurostar arriving in Brussels. You don't need to book tickets, just hop on.


Ghent Attractions

Visitors to Ghent will enjoy the many possible attractions that should not be ignored.

Illumination! When the sun goes down, the city begins to light up! Ghent has thousands of lights spread out across the city that forever change your view of the nightlife in this city. Ghent won the International City-People Light Award in 2004 for its unique and creative plan to light the city with thousands of lamps.

St. Bravo's Cathedral. This is the site where Charles V was baptized in 1500. Because of a lack of funding, the church was never finished and the emperor could not have funeral proceeding conducted here at his death. The cathedral has many fine treasures including the Mystic Lamb painted by Hubert and Jan van Eyck. If you have the stamina and endurance to complete the 444 steps it takes to reach the tower, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the city of Ghent.

St. Michael's Bridge. Everyone visiting Ghent must visit this local bridge that allows one to view the many great architectural buildings that exist in the city. Nowhere else in the city can you find one place that will allow you the view that this monumental bridge can provide.

Castle of the Counts. In 1180 this imposing castle was built by Philip of Alsace. This castle overlooks the city and presents a feeling of great wealth and power.

The Belfry. No visit to Ghent would be complete without a visit to the city's proudest symbol of its independence. Examine the Cloth Hall and the jailer's lodge. This building exemplifies the Brabant Gothic style prevalent in so many buildings. You can learn more about the Legend of Cimon who was sentenced to death but was saved by daughter. This building is one of three famous in the tower row.

Patershol. This is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Ghent. In the last thirty years this area has evolved and a great deal of restaurants has sprung up in the quaint medieval alleys that range from traditional Flemish cooking to Japanese food.

Ghent Nightlife. This city has a great deal of choices to pick from when it comes time to enjoying the city. The city is often lit up through the night and the vast number of possible types of restaurants, clubs, and places for young people to hang out are many. As a university town, there are many types of clubs that people from all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Famous Bars/Clubs

  • Pink Flamingo's Ghent
  • Gastof T'Haesveld
  • Limonada
  • Dulle Grief
  • Charlatan's

Ghent Events. So many events take place in this idyllic getaway.

The abcd Collection from Paris will be on display showing many of the international masters including Alexandr Lobanov, Adolf Wolfli, Martin Ramirez, and Henry Darger.

Exhibitions of photographs of people who have committed a crime but remained unpunished because of the level of mentality are on display by Belgium's own Lieven Nollet. His photos capture the essence of the drama of the situation. This exhibit will make you think.

Flemish Heritage Day takes place December 9 and this year celebrates the 22nd celebration.

Cultural market is an annual event that brings together art and culture from multiple sources to provide a location that people can peruse art and culture.

OleGand is the International Flanders Festival is located along the waterways of Ghent. You can enjoy the music, animation, art, and spectacle and finish it off with fireworks.

Kyocera Long Life Marathon is once again happening after an eight year hiatus. This marathon is 42 kilometres in length and even those who may not be able to complete the entire run can enjoy the event. Children under 12 can enjoy the 5 kilometre run.

Flanders Festival is a music lovers Mecca in September and October. Performers provide music ranging from classical, jazz, to world music.

Ghent Hotels

Depending on the type of hotel you might wish to stay, there are a number of possible choices. For those on a budget or hoping to save some money, the Youth Hostel De Daecke might be the choice to make. It is located in the city centre and provides access to the whole city. If you are looking for a little higher end place to enjoy, the Hotel Trianon and the Best Western, Cour Saint-Georges provide access to the city while providing some luxurious extras. If you really want to enjoy something different, a number of other options are available. The Broderie is a cafe and bakery but also provides rooms. The Antour des Tours is a B&B type place you can stay. No matter where you stay, you can enjoy the great sights of this city from any of these hotels.

Famous Hotels in Ghent

  • Hotel Trianon I
  • Autour des Tours
  • Best Western, Cour Saint-Georges
  • Youth Hostel De Draecke
  • Brooderie

Map of Ghent

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